Coconut Glow Up

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Coconut Sugar Scrub -  8 OZ

 Coconut Milk+Verbena - Coconut Self Tanner Lotion 5 Oz

Introducing Glow Duo: the dynamic duo your skin deserves for a radiant, rejuvenated glow.

Kickstart your skincare routine with our Coconut Sugar Scrub. Designed to tackle even the driest skin, this sumptuous scrub combines the power of three exfoliants with a triple dose of moisturizers. Buff away rough patches and reveal smoother, more luminous skin thanks to the nourishing properties of coconut. Pampering yourself has never been easier or more rewarding.

Follow up with our highly rated Coconut Self Tanner Lotion for the ultimate finishing touch. This everyday self-tanner isn't just about achieving a flawless tan—it's a skincare essential. Infused with organic shea butter, mango butter, and soothing organic aloe, it deeply hydrates and firms your skin while imparting a natural, streak-free glow. Embrace your radiance and make every day a beach day with Glow Duo.

Elevate your skincare routine and indulge in the luxurious combination of our Coconut Sugar Scrub and Coconut Self Tanner Lotion. Glow like never before with Glow Duo.